What is Qtrainers?

Qtrainers is a Search Engine Portal (first of its kind) to address Global Training Needs.


As a Training Provider :- Create Profile, add Training Modules, making it easy for Trainers to be searched for various Training needs, Promot your Digital Profile on Various social media and share it with your clients (Qtrainers.com/UserName)

As a Training Seeker :- Search any Training Topics as per your need and contact directly with the Trainer.

Also can post your Training Requirements and let Trainers contact you.

Qtrainers is NOT a Training Company who seek Trainers or provides any Trainings to its users.

Qtrainers is designed only with on purpose:-  to help connect Training Provider and Training Seeker.

All communication between Training Provider and Training Seeker is discrete and confidential among themselves. We have provided a QMAIL Service help them to interact themselves.

What are the advantages of Qtrainers?

For Training Provider

One place to create profile, add Training Modules making it easy for them to promote/share their digital profile with everyone.

Also can search from the list of Training Requirement posted by other users/companies. 

For Training Seeker

Search your Training needs all at one place, read Trainers Profile/learn about Training Modules and contact Trainer who best fit for your Training needs.

Also post your Training Requirements and let the Trainers/Training Companies contact for your needs.

Why should I join Qtrainers?

  • It is non chargeable
  • It helps you to create your Digital Identity
  • Easy to share your profile link (Qtrainers.com/username) –Make, create and share your Idendity
  • Helps you to get searched easily on various search platform

Who can join Qtrainers.com?

  • Freelance Trainers
  • Training Companies
  • Any Individual/Companies looking for Trainers/Trainings.

Can I change my Username after joining?

No, once Username is created cannot be changed.

Can I edit my Profile and Trainings after publishing?

Yes, you can change your Profile & details. Please visit help section to know how to edit Profile/Training Module.

Do I need to verify my Email-ID?

Yes, verification is needed , yes to know that you are the righful owner of the email id provided at the time of Registration.

How do I verify my Email ID?

After joining, a verification email with a link is sent to your registered email id, click the link to verify.

I haven’t received registration link yet?

It takes 2-3 minutes to process and send the link. Please check Junk & spam folder, if it does not appear in Inbox.

My area of expertise is not listed, can it be added?

Yes, Qtrainers welcomes suggestions for more categories, just email at suggestions@Qtrainers.com with your suggestions.

My personal details have changed, will Qtrainers change them for me?

No, Qtrainers does not change or have edit access to any User data. You can visit help section to know how to change the details.

How can I delete my Account?

Visit Support section to know how to delete account.

My whole profile is deleted accidentally, what should I do now?

Within 14 days you can connect Qtrainers to retrieve you account by providing the relevant details of your account as requested by Qtrainers team and your account will be reactivate post verification by our Qtrainers team.

Can I promote other user Training Programmes on my profile?

No, you cannot promote other user training programmes on your profile and if you are determined promoting others training programmes that you do not own, i.e., stolen work, then your account will be closed and legal action may be taken against you.

How do I stop receiving emails from Qtrainers?

To stop receiving any of the email notification, go to Support ->  Edit Profile page, login and you will then have access to your profile management facility where you can turn on or off the email notifications.

Can I upload more than one course?

Yes, Trainers can upload as many Trainings they offer.

Why my account is suspended?

There are many reasons for suspending a user’s account:
• Posting invalid or improper content in a course description, or on the messages. This may include advertisements and illegal or inappropriate information.
• Creating multiple accounts. Users can only have ONE account, which can use to both hire and for searching training programmes.
• Violating the Qtrainers Terms and Conditions. This may also result in account termination. Please read and understand our Terms and Conditions before using the site.
If you believe your account has been suspended in error, please send an email to support@qtrainers.com using your registered email address.

Why my Training Courses are invalid?

We do not allow coursed with content that may harm the business operation or reputation of Trainers or cause a possible loss of services of its companies.
Following is a list of some of the projects that violate our Terms and Conditions:
• Advertising services
• Buying/selling/creating of Accounts (email, eBay, social media sites, etc.)
• Buying/selling of likes or followers in social media accounts
• Generation of fake reviews
• Hacking
• Scam Training Programmes
• Selling of other courses
• Selling of stolen courses
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct if your project did not fall on any of the above.